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       2018 WINTER CLINICS

Butler Volleyball will be hosting 10 clinics to kick off 2018! Join Butler volleyball coaches, staff, current and former players at a variety of skills clinics.

Winter Clinics
Grades: 3rd - 8th, Boys & Girls
Location: Hinkle Fieldhouse
Times: 6:00pm - 7:30pm
Cost: $35 per Participant per Clinic
$165 for 5 clinics
Friday, January 5th  |  Serving / Passing & Defense
Thursday, January 11th  |  Hitting & Setting
Thursday, January 18th  |  Serving / Passing & Defense
Thursday, January 25th  |  Hitting & Setting
Friday, February 2nd  |  Serving / Passing & Defense
Thursday, February 8th  |  Hitting & Setting
Friday, February 16th  |  Serving / Passing & Defense
Friday, February 23rd  |  Hitting & Setting
Friday, March 2nd  |  All-Skills & Live-Play
Friday, March 9th  |  All-Skills & Live-Play

Serving: Serving is one of the most fundamental skills of volleyball and can help your team enormously. This session will break each aspect of the serve down and will include underhand serving, overhand serving, and for advanced players jump-serving will also be available.

Passing & Defense: This session will include passing with the forearms and overhead passing using the hands. We will also go over defensive movement and passing in serve receive.  

Hitting & Setting: Due to popular demand, we will have it available TWICE!! Both sessions will be different, so feel free to attend both! This session will include, approach footwork, arm swing, and more! This will also be a dual session with setters. Setters will learn proper setting technique including hand placement, release, footwork, and different types of sets.  You can select to focus on just hitting or setting, or split time and do both!

All-Skills & Live-Play: Our most popular clinic in 2015!! At this clinic we will briefly drill on all skills, but the majority of the time will be filled with games including wash drills, 6 on 6, and other types of competition! Join us for our end of the spring season clinic!


These camps are independently owned and operated. It is in no way affiliated with Butler University.
Butler Volleyball Camps are open to any and all applicants.